Brief lessons from Buddhism about hate

At 606, we write a lot about Christianity and hate. Today, I want to draw from another religious tradition to enhance the conversation. Thanks to my friend Katy for bringing this helpful article from the Zen Studies Podcast to my attention. The author identifies the relationship between fear, anger, and hate–something affirmed by psychologists who study… Continue Reading →

2017 Lincoln Ideas Forum: Hate of the Nation

Measuring Hate by its Consequences: Love and Hate in Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Only in the most extreme cases do people see themselves as hateful. Most of the time, they see themselves as loving. This is as true for Westboro Baptists, the most (in)famous anti-gay church in the US, as well as more violent extremists,… Continue Reading →

“The 4th R” Recognized with NEA New Scholar Award

I’m so pleased to share that the National Education Association has awarded “The 4th R: Encountering Conservative Christianity in the Classroom” its New Scholar Prize for a scholarly article on teaching that “offers practical approaches to improving teaching and learning at the college level.” The article analyzes several artifacts from conservative Christian popular culture–including a… Continue Reading →

Research and Writing

American studies scholars are to develop what Gene Wise in his 1979 American Quarterly article “Paradigm Dramas” called a “connecting mind,” one that can “probe the immediacy of the situation to search for everything which rays out beyond it” (336). That “raying out” is the hallmark of American studies scholarship and what I hope to… Continue Reading →

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