How to help students find their voice in class

Students know that they learn better when they speak up in class--whether that is asking clarifying questions, sharing an idea, practicing an explanation, or inviting their peers to expand on their ideas. Still, it can be hard. Students may worry about their spoken English skills, especially for non-native speakersdislike or be surprised at their voice... Continue Reading →

No-neutrality teaching

"You can't be neutral on a moving train" is the title of radical historian Howard Zinn's autobiography. It's a reminder that if we stand still as the world moves, we move in the same direction as the world, even though we experience ourselves as stationary. It's the same when we teach in the classroom and... Continue Reading →

Lighten your load: Weight grades.

Six weeks ago, my local public school resumed classes. The district decides on a week-by-week basis if students will be fully online, in person 2 days a week and online 3, or fully in person. This also varies by elementary, middle, and high school, so you elementary schools will be hybrid next week while the... Continue Reading →

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