Making Rec Letter Writing Easier on Yourself

When I approach letters this way--as work teaching students how to know themselves better and how to analyze a job call for how it aligns with their talents, skills, and interests--then it is much more meaningful work. It's not longer about jockeying my students into the top position, regardless of whether they are the best person for the work or whether the work is a good fit for them. It's about teaching them how to find their place in the world, which is much more satisfying and, over the long term, I suspect more successful.

Could your Zoom meeting be a phone call?

Live online video is too intimate for most conversations. In real life, we simply aren't up in each other's faces that much unless we actually are engaged in a physically intimate relationship with someone, like our partners, children, or close friends. It's overwhelming to be that close to so many people at once and to have them that close to you.

Join Helaine Olen to talk about inequality

Washington Post journalist Helaine Olen had a former career covering "financial makeovers"--which helped her realize that it's inequality, not lattes, that keep people poor. Join the author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Financial Advice Industry on Wednesday evening for a live talk and Q and A about inequality, the minimum wage,... Continue Reading →

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