4 Questions about Teaching in the Time of Mass Shooters

  1. How do I respond to students for whom the presence of a gunman triggers a PTSD flashback? I’m thinking specifically of my many Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans–I usually teach a few in every class because of my discipline–some of whom have PTSD diagnoses, but I imagine this can also apply to those who have witnessed or been victims of violent crime, including police officers and victims of domestic violence. How do I keep them physically safe and protect their dignity?
  2. How do I care for colleagues who have survived mass shootings on other campuses during and after an active shooter lockdown?
  3. In the case of an on-campus suicide, how do I care for those who witness a person publicly take his life or witnesses the threat of a person taking his own life? How do I care particularly for those who have lost a loved one to suicide?
  4. In a culture that values emotional toughness, how can I insure that these concerns are not dismissed?

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