Unbecoming but Unsurprising: What Evangelical Support of Trump Tells Us about Evangelicals

I suggested earlier that, on the surface, Trump doesn’t seem to be a fit for evangelical voters. That assumes, though, that evangelical means his faith informs his politics. The reality is, though, that evangelicals[1] today very often do not live out a faith-informed politics. Or, to say it differently, they are people who espouse a... Continue Reading →

Why Trump’s Religious Conversions Don’t Matter

Theories abound to explain why so many evangelicals are now signing up to support Trump, even if they are doing so with about as much enthusiasm as Paul Ryan. Certainly the politics of resentment have much to do with it—especially as these overlap with race, racism, xenophobia, and prejudice against Muslims. Authoritarianism is also a... Continue Reading →

“I’m Not Totally Sure I Deserve It”: Evangelical Support of Donald Trump

Donald Trump showed a rare glimmer of humility in accepting the Republican presidential nomination at this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, saying, of evangelical Christians’ support for his effort, “I'm not sure I totally deserve it ...” For a man not usually given to understatement, this was a big one. On the surface... Continue Reading →

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