The Dissent Mix Tape

I don’t love everything in it, but I love it: The troublemakers at the American Studies Association, which is set to meet in a few weeks in Chicago, has a soundtrack: the Dissent Mixtape.  Check it out online, where you can listen and also read short reflections on what these songs mean to ASA scholars.  A highlight is new Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nina Simone’s work.


_God Hates_ Q & A with Righting America

It’s a real treat to visit with Susan Trollinger and William Trollinger at Righting America, who have a must-read blog on conservative Chrsitianity in America. Join the conversation about God Hates and, more broadly, why we should continue to study groups that can be hard to be around.


Image result for westboro baptist church buildingAbove, the exterior of Westboro Baptist Church. Vandals have spray painted “God hates the Phelps” on the church’s sign. 

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