“How Extremists Manipulate the Media (and You) to Look More Powerful than They Are”

I recently got to work with journalist Allie Clouse at theĀ Knoxville News SentinelĀ on her report on how hate groups use social media to promote themselves. Her story was prompted by a sermon by a Tennessee pastor and sheriff who called for the execution of queer people. How did such a nasty argument enter the world of social media? How might social media inspire us to make ever-more ugly arguments in order to stand out in a crowded landscape? Clouse writes, “Combine a polarizing viewpoint with shock value and you’ve got a story. Add a divided political climate and you’ve got a movement.”

See the source image

Above, the people of All Scripture Baptist Church.

I hope you’ll check out the article, and if you find it helpful, support your local journalists with a subscription to your local newspaper.



Look what I found at a t-shirt kiosk at the mall yesterday.



I’d love to hear what its wearers make of Jesus’ final words.


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