6 ways to use live sessions in asynchronous classes

Today's Zoom crash, on the first day for many colleges and public schools (but certainly not the first day of all--we have weeks ahead of us where daily many more people will be trying to learn online), is a reminder that online teaching requires frustration tolerance for technology,¬†which will always fail sometimes. This becomes harder... Continue Reading →

KU Violates Research Ethics to Justify Reopening

The University of Kansas has either deliberately or through incompetence misled the public about student demand for face-to-face classes during the national COVID crisis. (Just kidding! It doesn't matter in research ethics if the mistake you made the killed people was on purpose or through negligence. You are still responsible.) Insisting that student preferences determine... Continue Reading →

Online-by-Design: A Table of Contents

Some of us are just days away from the start of our Fall semester. And whether that is already fully online or hybrid or in-person, it's likely that your classes may end up being fully online. Successful online teaching is very different from successful in-person teaching, and while no one expects a novice to be... Continue Reading →

The COVID crisis in the US was foreseeable since 2012.

"Unprecedented." "Unpredictable." "Impossible to anticipate." Those are the excuses we are making for the failures of the US (and state and local) government to respond effectively to the presence of the coronavirus in the US. Above, the newest map from COVID Exit Strategyshows that nearly every state has uncontrolled spread. Only four states show improvement.... Continue Reading →

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