Lighten your load: Weight grades.

Six weeks ago, my local public school resumed classes. The district decides on a week-by-week basis if students will be fully online, in person 2 days a week and online 3, or fully in person. This also varies by elementary, middle, and high school, so you elementary schools will be hybrid next week while the... Continue Reading →

Last days to read “How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change Our Future Teaching” online for free at Religion & American Culture

Free access to this FORUM piece--brief think pieces on current issues--ends tomorrow. Check out contributions by Brandon Bayne, Valerie Cooper, Gastón Espinosa, and me, all scholars of religion writing about the impact of the pandemic on higher education broadly. You can download now and read another day if you don't have time today. In my... Continue Reading →

Lighten Your Teaching Load.

October and March are hard months for educators--too far from the start of the year to be excited by the newness and too far from winter or summer break to find the motivation to finish strong. For many of us, this October came fast. Some of us began school earlier than usual, trying to get... Continue Reading →

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