Teaching Social Problems, Pandemic Edition

This post is narrowly focused on my Social Problems course, which I revamped substantially last year in the face of COVID to provide students with more examples of social problems being ameliorated, something we did via service learning pre-COVID that wasn’t possible now. During a time of continual crisis, I found that my students benefited... Continue Reading →

Making Rec Letter Writing Easier on Yourself–and more meaningful for everyone involved

When I approach letters this way--as work teaching students how to know themselves better and how to analyze a job call for how it aligns with their talents, skills, and interests--then it is much more meaningful work. It's not longer about jockeying my students into the top position, regardless of whether they are the best person for the work or whether the work is a good fit for them. It's about teaching them how to find their place in the world, which is much more satisfying and, over the long term, I suspect more successful.

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