Managing Email in an Online Classroom

One of the lovely and also hardest parts of teaching online is that you often feel like you are teaching one student at a time. Student-faculty interaction can be quite high, and many students open up quite vulnerably in an online setting. Some will use the class as individual coaching--which may work well in a... Continue Reading →

Gender Bias will Still Happen in Remote Teaching

Remember BBC Dad? In 2017, Professor Robert E. Kelley was doing an interview with the BBC when his 4-year-old daughter popped into his office for a visit. Seconds later, a little sibling comes zooms in on a walker, and then Mom scrambles into retrieve the kiddos. Kelley doesn't stand up, prompting the world to... Continue Reading →

Exhausted? Remote meetings might be to blame.

Are you an extrovert who used to enjoy face-to-face meetings but now find yourself exhausted after a day of video meetings? Wondering why they take so much more out of you than do typical F2F efforts? Have you started showing up, logging on, and tuning out? Considered just running a loop of yourself looking like you... Continue Reading →

Building Your Online Classroom Shell: Final Steps

If you’ve been following this series of posts about building an online course by design, you’ve framed your course, selected your materials, chosen your assignments, written your syllabus, established the frame of your online course, added your lessons, and added your activities. This post helps you add the final touches. Has it felt hard and... Continue Reading →

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