Acing Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention at College

The state of Arkansas has asked its universities to help discourage unplanned pregnancy among women in college. Universities, taking a variety of approaches to the task, are already at work. There is no funding built into the mandate. Thankfully, the state of Colorado has already figured out how to dramatically reduce unplanned pregnancies—with a cost... Continue Reading →

Who’s Going to Help Arkansas’ Young Women Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy?

Answer: Without funding for this state mandate, the work is going to fall mostly to women. In spring 2015, the Arkansas State legislature officially called upon the state’s public universities to address unplanned pregnancy in higher education. While teen pregnancy rates have been falling for a long time nationwide, Arkansas continues to have among the... Continue Reading →

Brad Bartelt, Student

What are the mental and community health consequences when we burden students with debt? Last week, Brad Bartelt, whose actions at Arkansas State University last December resulted in a campus lockdown that terrified students, faculty, and staff, was sentenced last week to 18 years in prison—a lifetime for many of our students. (He is, though,... Continue Reading →

Review of _No Depression in Heaven_

The American Academy of Religion has a new endeavor, an online publication of book reviews. If the arrival of arrival of publishers' catalogues in your mailbox rocks your socks, then you might just love Reading Religion. To review, you have to be a member of AAR. And you should definitely review, because it means free... Continue Reading →

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