Who are your online students?

In the past, online courses were sometimes called "degree completion," reflecting the idea that they were for students who, for some reason or other, couldn't finish their degrees in person--and were for no one else. Too often, faculty attitudes toward these programs and students was disdain. If there was an occasional gem of a student,... Continue Reading →

Your Syllabus Checklist

If you've been following this series of posts about building an online course by design, you've framed your course, selected your materials, chosen your assignments, written your policies, and added all the other information your syllabus needs. Now is a good time to review your syllabus to a make sure it includes everything it needs... Continue Reading →

Beyond Policies and Schedule: Other Requirements for Your Syllabus

You've decided on what your students will be watching, reading, listening to, and doing in your class. You've set your due dates and written all your policies. What else does a syllabus need? Course name Course number CRN Semester Catalog description Program Goals Course objectives List of required materials List of prerequisite course and prerequisite... Continue Reading →

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