Beyond Policies and Schedule: Other Requirements for Your Syllabus

You’ve decided on what your students will be watching, reading, listening to, and doing in your class. You’ve set your due dates and written all your policies. What else does a syllabus need?

  • Course name
  • Course number
  • CRN
  • Semester
  • Catalog description
  • Program Goals
  • Course objectives
  • List of required materials
  • List of prerequisite course and prerequisite skills
  • Page numbers
  • Anything else your major, department, college, or university demands

Above, about a dozen people cram into an office–or overflow outside the door–filled with papers. There are a lot of details to manage teaching online! Pieter Breughel the Younger’s The Village Lawyer or The Tax Collector’s Office. 8gHIJMlA4M_L0w at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain,

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