Beyond Policies and Schedule: Other Requirements for Your Syllabus

You've decided on what your students will be watching, reading, listening to, and doing in your class. You've set your due dates and written all your policies. What else does a syllabus need? Course name Course number CRN Semester Catalog description Program Goals Course objectives List of required materials List of prerequisite course and prerequisite... Continue Reading →

Choosing Materials for Your Online Class

This post is part of a series on designing an online class in a hurry and without a lot of training, resources, or support. For educators who are looking ahead to the summer and fall and think they may be asked to teach online rather than in a traditional classroom, this series can help you... Continue Reading →

Educator Check-In: Are You Overfunctioning?

It's Sunday night, which means many of my teacher friends are doing what they ought not: gearing up to overfunction. Overfunctioning is when you assume responsibility that is not yours and do work that belongs to others, thereby taking from others the responsibility and work they need to assume to develop into the people they... Continue Reading →

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