Virgins, Oil, Angels

I don't usually share sermons here, but I wanted to share this on the occasion on the one-year anniversary of the Pulse shooting for my friends who might find it useful. I delivered it at Stahl Mennonite Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania the Sunday after the deadliest mass shooting in US history, a hate crime both... Continue Reading →

2017 Lincoln Ideas Forum: Hate of the Nation

Measuring Hate by its Consequences: Love and Hate in Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Only in the most extreme cases do people see themselves as hateful. Most of the time, they see themselves as loving. This is as true for Westboro Baptists, the most (in)famous anti-gay church in the US, as well as more violent extremists,... Continue Reading →

A Preview of KCPL’s “God Hates” Talk

For folks attending tomorrow night's talk at the Kansas City Public Library, here are three questions I plan on talking about during the lecture: How does Westboro Baptist Church's theology support their picketing? (See the picture below, of a church member picketing at the Supreme Court in 2010 while other church members are inside arguing... Continue Reading →

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