A Preview of KCPL’s “God Hates” Talk

For folks attending tomorrow night’s talk at the Kansas City Public Library, here are three questions I plan on talking about during the lecture:

  1. How does Westboro Baptist Church’s theology support their picketing? (See the picture below, of a church member picketing at the Supreme Court in 2010 while other church members are inside arguing _Snyder v. Phelps_, which they won. If you’d like to use the photo in any way, feel free, but please be sure to credit it to me.)
  2. Why do people leave WBC? Why do they stay? Why do they join?
  3. How does WBC make sense in the context of American religion historically and in the present moment?

If you are attending tomorrow night’s talk, what are the questions/topics you’d like to hear about? Email me at rbarrettfox@astate.edu to be sure I put them on the list.

And if you’re not registered to attend tomorrow’s event but plan on coming, you can register here to help the library plan the event: https://www.kclibrary.org/rsvp/29556

More dead kids photo.png

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