Q & A about Research Ethics

Some students at the University of Limerick have been kindly engaging God Hates this semester and have asked a number of great questions about research ethics with a hate group. I answer them in a Q & A format below. How do you gain access to a hate group? It really depends on the group, so the... Continue Reading →

_God Hates_ Q & A with Righting America

It's a real treat to visit with Susan Trollinger and William Trollinger at Righting America, who have a must-read blog on conservative Chrsitianity in America. Join the conversation about God Hates and, more broadly, why we should continue to study groups that can be hard to be around.   Above, the exterior of Westboro Baptist Church.... Continue Reading →

UPK Meet-the-Author

University Press of Kansas has been great to work throughout the process of bringing God Hates: Westboro Baptist Church, American Nationalism, and the Religious Right to publication. Today, they've featured me in a meet-the-author profile. Thanks to Derek Helms for a great conversation about how my undergraduate years in central Pennsylvania helped prepare me to work with right... Continue Reading →

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