Sex Ed Begins at Home: Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween, which means that the past 11 and ¾ months have been spent squashing my children’s dreams about their costumes. Nothing violent, nothing gory, nothing sexy, nothing racist, nothing that promotes warmongering or imperialism, nothing homemade unless you do it yourself and it must be done at least three days prior to avoid a... Continue Reading →

“Hate and Heritage,” on its way

I just wrapped up editing a special issue of the Journal of Hate Studies, an interdisciplinary endeavor of the Institute for Hate Studies at Gonzaga University. I proposed “heritage and hate” as the theme for a self-serving reason: I wanted to better understand the pro- and neo-Confederate movements, the continuing calls for secession, and the... Continue Reading →

“The 4th R”–Religion in the Classroom–now available

I'm so pleased that NEA's Thought & Action has published my article "The 4th R: Encountering Conservative Christianity in the Classroom."  The article considers what assumptions many of our conservative Christian students--particularly evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants--bring with them about higher education and shape their experience of learning in college. It draws specifically from some of my teaching in sociology... Continue Reading →

Reading Round Up, October 14, 2016

Content Warning: Donald Trump, sexual assault I’ve been teaching about sexual assault for the last two weeks in sociology of sex, timing that coordinated not only with the entirely unsurprising revelation that Donald Trump has sexually harassed a possibly endless parade of women and bragged about it but, closer to home, a third sexual assault... Continue Reading →

Reading Round Up, October 7, 2016

Think racists aren’t emboldened by the hateful climate Trump is promoting? Last week, I shared a story about the mayor of West York, Pennsylvania posting racially offensive material about President Obama on his Facebook page. This week, I share the story of Kentucky House candidate Dan Johnson sharing similar pictures that mock the President and... Continue Reading →

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