“The 4th R”–Religion in the Classroom–now available

I’m so pleased that NEA’s Thought & Action has published my article “The 4th R: Encountering Conservative Christianity in the Classroom.”  The article considers what assumptions many of our conservative Christian students–particularly evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants–bring with them about higher education and shape their experience of learning in college. It draws specifically from some of my teaching in sociology in Arkansas and Kansas. Plus, I finally get to talk a little bit about God’s Not Dead. I hope you find it useful.

NEA is a union for educators, including those who teach in higher education. As this past week’s strike in Pennsylvania showed us, unions play an important role in insuring high quality education for students and a safe and dignified workplace for those in education. You can join the NEA if you are a public educator, or you can make a one-time gift to the NEA Fund if you are an NEA member or a family member of an NEA member. If you read “The 4th R” and like it, please consider an NEA donation or even membership to support the work of the union’s peer-reviewed journal Thought & Action or, as always, a donation to your local public university or k-12 school.

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