Until We Get a Direct Democracy, Try Direct Pressure

Trump did not win a majority of votes in 25% of the states where he won the popular vote. If you live in one of those states--Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, or Wisconsin--consider contacting your state's Republican electors and encourage them to withhold their vote from the Republican candidate on December 19. Remember that you will... Continue Reading →

Teaching in a Time of Trumpism

What books/articles/films/exhibits/images/music/skills/strategies will you be teaching this semester or next to help your students address the rise and presidency of Donald Trump? What I've been teaching this fall in my senior research course: Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences, Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class, and The... Continue Reading →

A Little Electoral College Contest

If you're a fellow FiveThirtyEight junkie (or hater), you have probably been looking at a lot of electoral maps lately. I thought that, rather than worrying about it (or maybe in addition to worrying about it), it would be fun to have a little contest. Let's see if any of/how many of us can beat... Continue Reading →

John Prine on Lincoln and Eisenhower, and me and Taylor Swift on the GOP

Of the many wonderful lyrics John Prine has written, one of my favorites comes from “Grandpa was a Carpenter,” from Sweet Revenge. In the autobiographical recollection of his grandfather, Prine remembers that the great man “voted for Eisenhower/ ’Cause Lincoln won the war.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blW9AWIP8ZU John Prine performs "Grandpa was a Carpenter," 1983 As a lover... Continue Reading →

Kansas Republicans Stoke Anti-Muslim Fear so You Don’t Notice Them Turning the State into a Place Where You’d Rather Not Live

On mid-October, three militia members attempted to blow up a housing complex in Garden City, Kansas. Their hope was to destroy the complex, which houses many Muslim Somali immigrants, on November 9, the day after the election, the same day former Representative and general deadbeat Joe Walsh said loser Republicans should “grab a musket” to... Continue Reading →

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