A Little Electoral College Contest

If you’re a fellow FiveThirtyEight junkie (or hater), you have probably been looking at a lot of electoral maps lately. I thought that, rather than worrying about it (or maybe in addition to worrying about it), it would be fun to have a little contest.

Let’s see if any of/how many of us can beat Nate Silver.


Above, a political cartoon shows a map of the United States with swing states Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida disproportionately large. The cartoon is titled “Map of the U.S. (As Viewed by the Presidential Candidates.”

Before midnight tonight, post your best electoral college forecast in the comments section of this post. You can visit a number of map-making website for help. (Please don’t just list states! A map  is most helpful here.) Once the final count is in, I’ll send whoever calls the greatest number of states right a prize. So be sure to either leave your name here, PM on Facebook, or email me at rbarrettfox@astate.edu. If you win, I’ll contact you with details about your awesome reward.

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  1. http://www.270towin.com/maps/AOZAB

    Here’s my map, with most swing states going to Clinton. I also put Nevada in there as Latin@ voters push her ahead and Johnson voters siphon off Trump votes. Since ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin are becoming clearer, with the apparent goal (or one of them) to be undermining US energy, I’ve turned Texas blue.

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