Teaching in a Time of Trumpism

What books/articles/films/exhibits/images/music/skills/strategies will you be teaching this semester or next to help your students address the rise and presidency of Donald Trump?

What I’ve been teaching this fall in my senior research course: Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political DifferencesDog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class, and The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion.  Yeah, I chose them back in March, when this whole mess was just beginning. Prescient, no? And, yes, I’m sure they are sick of the topic. 

Send me a photo of your stack of books, a list of citations to articles, a screen shot from the movies you will be screening with students, a copy of an assignment (or any other thing that can be shared), either by responding in the comments or via email to rbarrettfox@astate.edu. I’ll share what you share with readers in the next few weeks. Please send ’em by December 1. If you share, I’ll put your name in a hat (or maybe my favorite online random number generator) and pull a winner for a secret and totally awesome prize. Open to teachers and teacher-types (Sunday school teachers, piano teachers, yoga teachers, book club leaders, homeschoolers…) of all kinds.


Will your prize be as totally awesome as 2006’s Totally Awesome starring Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan? Even if not, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are inspiring other teachers by sharing your ideas. 


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