Femicide among the Young

I can't stop thinking about Deserae Turner. Like, all night long some nights, for several weeks now. In February, Turner, 14, was lured into an isolated location near Logan, Utah, by two 16 year old boys and shot in the head. They'd talked about slitting her throat but "could not go through with it," so... Continue Reading →

Hate Crimes Begin at Home

On March 15, Juan Thompson was indicted for threats against Jewish community centers. The FBI made a major breakthrough earlier in the month in bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers, schools, the Anti-Defamation League, and other Jewish institutions with his arrest. A former reporter for The Intercept, a new outlet formed to release the Snowden links, who disgraced... Continue Reading →

Killing the Angel of the House

A common theme among women I know is how we are to manage our work, our home lives, our health and beauty routines, our emotional labor, our household work. Men, of course, are seldom asked how they manage--a fact hilariously illustrated by the Man Who Has it All. Here is another response: Kill the expectations... Continue Reading →

“The 4th R” Recognized with NEA New Scholar Award

I'm so pleased to share that the National Education Association has awarded "The 4th R: Encountering Conservative Christianity in the Classroom" its New Scholar Prize for a scholarly article on teaching that "offers practical approaches to improving teaching and learning at the college level." The article analyzes several artifacts from conservative Christian popular culture--including a... Continue Reading →

Join the Encyclopedia of Hate Studies Team!

If you follow this blog regularly, you might have thought to yourself in exasperation at one point or another, She needs to shut up and write an encyclopedia of hate, already. Well, your wish is being granted! (Though this does not mean I'm going to stop yammering about hate here.) Of course, I'm not actually writing... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the Lincoln Cottage

I'm honored that the Lincoln Cottage has invited me to be among their speakers this year. On April 13, I'll be speaking alongside people from the Southern Poverty Law Center, George Washington University, and the Cato Institute on the themes of hate.  This event is open to the public, and I'll share details about how you can... Continue Reading →

Greek Life Social Activities Suspended at Arkansas State University

All hail Arkansas State University's interim Chancellor Doug Whitlock! A-State saw yet another on-campus sexual assault recently--after a fall with three reported assaultsthree reported assaults, two of which remain unsolved. Under Chancellor Whitlock's impressive leadership, the Assistant Dean for Greek Life Alexis Hurdle has sent a letter to Greek organizations shutting down all social events until April.... Continue Reading →

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