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If you follow this blog regularly, you might have thought to yourself in exasperation at one point or another, She needs to shut up and write an encyclopedia of hate, already. Well, your wish is being granted! (Though this does not mean I’m going to stop yammering about hate here.)

Of course, I’m not actually writing a whole encylopedia–Dr. John Shuford and I are editing the project together, and we need writers. We’re seeking contributors for the collection, which is under contract with ABC-CLIO. The final product will include essays framing some of the major issues in hate studies, sidebar and commentary discussion key figures in anti-hate work, and entries on a variety of topics relating to hate, anti-hate activism, hate groups, hate crime, hate speech, and more–in fact, we welcome suggestions for areas to cover. Our goal is to create an encyclopedia that helps organize current and classic thinking about hate in a way that is accessible to those just learning about the topic and also deepens and broadens the perspective of those more familiar with the field of hate studies.

Image result for pro-immigrant rally

Above, participants at a rally in support of undocumented immigrants. A woman holds a sign that says “No human is illegal.” 

The official CFP is below. Please share it with colleagues who would be a good fit for the project.

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HATE: A GLOBAL STUDY OF SOCIAL ENMITY co-editors Dr. John Shuford and Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Fox seek subject/topic entries in these areas:  understanding what hate is, how hate arises  and manifests, experiences of hatred in context, and how to address hate appropriately and effectively.  The encyclopedia will be an interdisciplinary resource with international scope. Contributions are sought from researchers/scholars (the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professional fields), educators, policymakers, practitioners, and field experts. Please contact to discuss project needs and sample subjects/topics. Please also submit a resume or short CV of no more than 2 pages which highlights your relevant interests and qualifications.

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