How to help students be curious.

We are increasingly aware of the role of K-12 education in “killing curiosity”, and we should be aware of how college can do that, too. Curiosity matters for its own sake--and it is also a strong predictor of learning, even more than focus!  Here are some low-effort ways you can encourage more curiosity in your... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Confronting Religious Violence

Reviewing books is the best--free books in exchange for a little writing? Yes please! Here's my latest, a review of Confronting Religious Violence: A Counternarrative, an edited collection that arose out of a symposium about Not in God's Name by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, one of the co-editors of the newer volume. It appears at Reading... Continue Reading →

“Crosses and Crossroads” available now to shed light on the Christian Right’s attack on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

Black pastors are leaving or considering leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant group in the US and one founded in defense of slavery. At its 2017 annual meeting, white resistance to a resolution condemning the alt-right was initially denied consideration--until support for the move began to stream in from overt white nationalists. Caught... Continue Reading →

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