Book Review: Confronting Religious Violence

Reviewing books is the best–free books in exchange for a little writing? Yes please!

Here’s my latest, a review of Confronting Religious Violence: A Counternarrative, an edited collection that arose out of a symposium about Not in God’s Name by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, one of the co-editors of the newer volume. It appears at Reading Religion, a project of the AAR, which reviews recent books in religion. I find it an invaluable resources when selecting texts for a syllabus or putting together a literature review. Reading Religion is always searching for qualified reviewers (which means graduate training in religion, regardless of discipline), and you can easily sign up to review books by clicking on “available for review” by searching for titles of interest.

Confronting Religious Violence
The front cover of Confronting of Religious Violence: A Counternarrative shows a drawing of three hills in red, each with a religious symbol on top: Star of David, a cross, and the crescent and star.

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