Innovation in Remote Teaching: FotoFika All Stars

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a fan of the possibilities for online teaching and learning--but I also recognize that different disciplines face very different barriers in creating successful online courses. In particular, science labs, theater classes, studio arts, and other classes that require physical engagement with tools can be a challenge.Today I... Continue Reading →

Be Kinder than You Think Your Students Need

"Be kind to your sibling." "I AM being kind--they're the one being a jerk!" "Be kinder. Be kinder. Be kinder than you think you need to be. Be kinder than you think they deserve." It's a regular interaction in my household. Someone--possible more than one someone--has been a jerk, a meanie, an obnoxious brat. Probably... Continue Reading →

Gender Bias will Still Happen in Remote Teaching

Remember BBC Dad? In 2017, Professor Robert E. Kelley was doing an interview with the BBC when his 4-year-old daughter popped into his office for a visit. Seconds later, a little sibling comes zooms in on a walker, and then Mom scrambles into retrieve the kiddos. Kelley doesn't stand up, prompting the world to... Continue Reading →

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