Winners and Losers in Any Good Thing’s Electoral Mapping Contest

Well, we all know who lost on November 8. Decency, civility, minorities, the idea that bullies don’t win… Also, the New York Times, Paul Krugman, and virtually all the pollsters. Who won? Facebook, which did a better job of telling us about ourselves than just about anyone else, and Allan Lichtman, who, I hope, has seen sales of his books skyrocket since he predicted that Trump would win (and also predicted that he would be impeached).

And in the electoral college contest I held here, my friend Elizabeth came closest to predicting the final (though I’m not giving up hope!) electoral map. Elizabeth called her guess a “dismal” picture of the US, but she still gave the electoral win to Clinton. So we’re worse off than any of us guessed.

In honor of her win, I’ve sent Elizabeth a nice little prize that I hope she enjoys and made a donation to Mrs. Shaver’s classroom at Hale Cook Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas. Mrs. Hale serves a diverse group of children in a high-needs area of Kansas City, a place that is dear to Elizabeth’s heart. If you want to donate to Mrs. Shaver’s classroom, it’s easy. Or if you prefer to donate closer to home, visit Donors Choose to find a school in need near you.

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  1. Wow! You are incredible, Rebecca! Thanks for supporting the classroom here in KC. We will all have to step up with our energy and support for causes that we value to “aim high when they aim low.”

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