Help Me Out on My Birthday

It’s my birthday! And while I usually actually kind of dread it (which I suspect might be kind of typical for academics, with our delayed entry into regular and significant social security contributions), this year I’m focusing my energy on something better: supporting the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Why? Because Trump-inspired hate crimes are surging even as the Trump organization attempts to deny its role in promoting violence.


A baseball dugout in Wellsville, NY, vandalized with the words “Make America White Again” and a swastika. 


If you’ve ever read this blog or my Facebook posts and felt affirmed, questioned a previously held opinion, changed your mind, retold a story you read, shared a fact you learned, clicked on a helpful link, discovered a new book, or laughed, do me a favor–donate a dollar or two (more if you want, of course!) If I’ve ever done you a favor, guest lectured in your class, helped you out of a sticky situation, or sent you a note of encouragement, please donate.

You don’t need to donate much (though, of course, you can), but if you would be willing to send me a card this year, don’t give the money to Hallmark; instead donate. Donate with your name or anonymously, but let me know (via FB or  if you did so I can say thanks for the birthday present.

To make it more fun, I’ll do a random draw from anyone who makes a donation of any amount in the next week and send you a special prize.


“Hate Crimes on the Rise, Says Southern Poverty Law Center”


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