Teaching Trumpism Book Stack Contest!

What will you be teaching next semester to help your students make sense of a world in which Donald Trump could be president? Any teacher of any kind–preschool to PhD, gradeschool to Sunday school–is welcome to submit ideas. Share an assignment, a project, a syllabus, a citation to an article or other text, a book stack, a list of films or podcast episodes, or anything else that helps teachers address the themes of Trumpism in the comments or via email at rbarrettfox@astate.edu. If you do, I’ll enter you into a drawing for a pretty darned good prize (usually a gift card to your local coffee shop or bookstore). I’ll share photos and assignments, along with your first name (unless you want to be anonymous) and discipline here in the next few weeks. Submit by December 15, please, so that readers can update their winter break reading/viewing list based on your suggestions.

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