Review of _Faith in the New Millennium: The Future of Politics and Religion_ now available

The American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion is one of my favorite websites. If your reward for grading a stack of papers is to take 20 minutes to browse through academic publisher’s catalogs, you’ll probably like it, too.

Reading Religion just published my review of Faith in the New Millennium: The Future of Politics and Religion (Oxford 2016), edited by Matthew Avery Sutton and Darren Dochuk. It collects essays from historians and religious scholars Edward J. Blum, Anthea Butler, Mark ChanceyKate Carté Engel, J. Spencer Fluhman, Rebecca Anne Goetz, Jennifer Graber, Alison Collis Greene, Matthew S. Hedstrom, Charles F. Irons, Steven P, Miller, Amanda Porterfield, Andrew Preston, Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, and Kevin M. Schultz. It’s a great historical perspective on some of the major politico-religious issues of our day, including immigration, Islamophobia, foreign policy, energy policy, and welfare policy, written by some of the best thinkers on the topic of American religion.


Above, the cover of Faith in the New Millennium.

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