What American Studies Does Best

The need to teach and research on the intersections of race and ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and religion is as great as it ever has been, and I’ve never been prouder of the work American studies has been doing. Below, a call for contributions from those who are members of the American Studies Association, to contribute to the common good by sharing their ideas about teaching through Trumpopaclypse.

From the ASA:

We invite scholars within the American Studies Association to submit 1,000 word essays or 5-30 minute video logs or podcasts that provide historical analysis, syllabi outlines, teaching plans, or tactical designs that address the multiple issues involved in the 2016 presidential election, including but not limited to:

  •  the future of racial capitalism, neoliberalism, and the war economy
  • Islamophobia
  • anti-immigration, detention, and deportation
  • sanctuary spaces
  • the violences of the police, military, and surveillance state
  • anti-Native American and Indigenous sovereignty and territorial rights
  • trade and energy development
  • health care
  • LGBTQ issues
  • reproductive rights
  • rape culture, sexual violence, misogyny
  • election affect
  • hate crimes
  • white supremacy
  • polling and the profession of political consulting
  • environmental catastrophe
  • global politics
  • the future of the mainstream parties and the possibilities for third parties
  • priorities for social movements in the wake of Trumpocalypse

We will create sites for print and video posts, and inaugurate the project as the initial round of submissions as come in. We will continue to post on a regular basis over the coming year as submissions accumulate.

Submissions or questions should be sent to Lisa Duggan at lisaduggan@protonmail.com AND Joanne Barker at jmbarker@sfsu.edu.

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