_Religion & Gender_’s review of _Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity_, edited by Heather Shipley

As 2016 nears to an end, I’m just now plowing through the rest of my 2015 reading (which is probably not what “slow professor” should mean)–at least the odds and ends, like book reviews. I wanted to share this one, from Ibrahim Abraham (University of Helsinki) in Religion & Gender, over Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity: Contexts, Contestations, Voicesedited by Heather Shipley, project manager of the Religion and Diversity Project, and published by Brill.


Above, Globalized Religion and Sexual Identity, edited by Heather Shipley. 

I’ve got a chapter in the book that outlines some of the major sociological theories of anti-gay religious right activism, and anet R. Jakobsen and Ann Pellegrini’s “Obama’s Neo-New Deal: Religion, Secularism, and Sex in Political Debates Now”is worth checking out at this particular moment for those interested in sexual politics in the US. Shipley has brought together contributors from Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, and the UK to consider topics as varied as transgender rights, circumcision, Anglican convents,  youth, African immigrants in Canada, and sexual rights in China and the UK. A focus on how identities are shaped by religion and sexuality in the contemporary moment ties the whole work together.

You can follow Heather Shipley, the president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, on Twitter to learn more about the Religion and Diversity Project.

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