Why We Love _How I Learned Geography_


Above, we read How I Learned Geography.

How are you talking to your kids about refugees? My youngest and I have been reading Uri Shulevitz’s How I Learned Geography, which was awarded a Caldecott Honor in 2009. The book tells the story of Shulevitz‘s move from Poland to Kazakhstan as the Jewish purge began. He lives among strangers there before moving to France and, eventually, to Israel and then to New York. The tells the story of how his father spent the family’s little money on a map–because what they had would not have bought them enough bread to ease their hunger anyway–that transported him all over the world in his imagination.

You can hear Ed O’Neill read the book below.

You can find more of Shulevitz’s work on the themes of war and peace here.

Thanks to Uncle Matthew and Aunt Jenna for the gift of this book.

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