The Tenacity of Hate

Thanks to the University Press of Kansas for inviting me to contribute to their blog series. I appreciated the opportunity to think more deeply about a question that continues to draw me in: How do we love and hate at the same time?

This kind of thinking never gets done alone, and so I want to say thank you to my friend Andrea and to my husband Jason for their work in pressing me to think more deeply about the topic–even when they didn’t realize that the conversations we were having were about this.

Above, a WBC-produced video explaining that “Love They Neighbor Equals Rebuke.” I generally don’t link to primary sources like this one, but I think it’s a helpful artifact in understanding how people can understand the actions others perceive as hateful as loving. This link takes you to a YouTube Video, not a church website. Please, note, though, that it contains images and words that are likely to offend. 


While you’re at KU Press’s website, check out “Are Public Lands for Sale?” It concerns all Americans, but my friends in Utah will be especially interested.

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