May Writing Challenge Starts Soon!

typewriterYou probably don’t write on an ancient typewriter, like the one in the picture above. Whatever works for you is great–but if you want to put some money on it, it’s even better. 

For the past few weeks, writers participating in the Any Good Thing Writing Challenge have been pumping out words–400 x 5 days per week per person. While the April results aren’t in yet, here are the results of March’s Writing Challenge:

Total words written: 243,079

Average number of words written per day: 606

Average number of words written total among those who finished: 14536

If these numbers are encouraging to you, I hope you’ll consider joining us for our May Writing Challenge, which starts April 30 (a little confusing, but we run Sunday-Saturday, and I don’t want to wait until the first Sunday in May and lose a whole week!) and goes for FIVE weeks, through June 3. Here’s how it works:

  1. You commit to writing at least 400 words each day for five days of the week, Sunday through Saturday. That’s 2000 words per week or 10,000 words in five weeks!
  2. Email me at to let me know you are participating. Let me know your name, your email address, how you want to pay, if you want to join our FB group (and be sure to include the email address linked to your FB account so I can send an invite to you), and if you’d like an accountability partner.
  3. You send me a check for $20 to cover one month of participation or pay via PayPal. (Be BE SURE to mark the funds “friends and family” so I don’t have to pay a processing fee, please. I love hosting this Writing Challenge for free, but I can’t lose money on it.) I don’t cash your check…yet.
  4. Each day that you write, you email what you wrote to  (No, I’m not going to read it, but, yes, I’m going to make sure it’s new words each day.) Include the word count in the subject line to make my life easier.
  5. If you write at least 400 words for 5 days a week for 5 weeks, you get all your money back. (Plus probably more.) That’s less than $1 per day of writing. I’ll return it via PayPal, or I’ll send your check back or rip it up, as you prefer. Or you can use your money to buy into the next month’s Writing Challenge.
  6. If you write for 24 days of the 25, you get $17 back. If you write for 23 days, you get $14 back. If you write for 22 days, you get $11 back. If you write for fewer than 21 days, though, you surrender the full $20.
  7. Any funds surrendered for not writing the full 25 days go into a kitty that is divided between all those who wrote each of the 25 days MINUS $5 that will be awarded as a gift card to one 25-day-writer whose name is drawn at random.

This is a free exercise, so there’s no cost to participate (unless, of course, you don’t meet your goals), and all the money pooled goes back to participants.

Sign up by the first day of the Writing Challenge to participate.

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