Upcoming International Events in Hate Scholarship

Events in June:
01 June:               Alberta Hate Crimes Committee: Public Presentation and Dialogue, Discussion, Edmonton, Canada.
02 June:               No More Summit 2017, Conference, Vancouver, WA, USA.
09 June:               Call for papers: Interdisciplinary conference on hate speech: Definitions, interpretations and practices, Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus.
10 June:               Combating Anti-Muslim Oppression: Part 2, Workshop, St. Louis, MO, USA.
LGBT+ Hate Crime: Report It, Prevent It. Event, Wellingborough, England.
11 June:               Borderless: Celebrating Difference, Event, Bristol, England.
12 June:               Hate Crime: Cause and Effect seminar, London, England.
20 June:               People, Prejudice and Planning – Community based responses to promoting equality and tackling hate behavior, Event, Glasgow, Scotland.
21 June:               Countering Hate: Nordic Conference on Hate Speech, Conference, Stavanger, Norway.
27 June:               Taking Action Against Hate Crime in Post-Brexit Britain: Protecting Vulnerable Groups and Promoting a Culture of Tolerance and Inclusivity, Symposium, London, England.

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