“Hate and Heritage” Special Issue of Journal of Hate Studies Out Now

I’m so happy to share that the Journal of Hate Studies’ special issue on Hate and Heritage is out now! I was privileged to serve as the guest editor for this issue, the 13th volume of the journal, which is supported by Gonzaga University’s Institute for Hate Studies. JHS is a rare peer-reviewed open-access journal that is supported through donation and sponsorship, not author fees. You don’t need a subscription to access all the issues.

The current issue is available in hard copy in libraries and as a pdf here (JHSVol13completepdf) and will be available online shortly.

Our authors for this issue are Brett A. Barnett (Slippery Rock University), Deborah Breede (Coastal Carolina), Njabulo Chipangura (Mutare Museum), Christine S. Davis (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Kevin McCarthy (University of College Cork), Tom Maguire (Ulster University), Sally Stokes (The Catholic University of America), Christopher Strain (Florida Atlantic), and Jan Warren-Findlow (University of North Carolina at Charlotte). Working in a range of disciplines–American studies, anthropology, art history, communication, history, public health, and more–they address issues both contemporary and historical in the US and elsewhere.

Our reviewers for this issue are Lisa King (University of Tennessee), Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrina (University of Connecticut), Matthew Hughey (University of Connecticut), Monique Laney (Auburn), Sondra Perl (Lehman College, CUNY). Stephen Sheehi (William and Mary), and Doretha K. Williams (George Washington). Their thoughtful, generous engagement with new texts in the field of hate studies–on debates about Native American genocide, white power in pop culture, Islamaphobia, Nazism and the Holocaust, and women Civil Rights activists–is a real gift to readers. We hope you are able to find at least a few items on their reading list that you’ll pick up this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.08.42 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.09.37 PMAbove, the Table of Contents of volume 13 of the Journal of Hate Studies.

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