Werewolf Babies and the Writing Habit

My friend Sarah Stevens has just released her second novel in perhaps the only supernatural thriller that has ever really resonated with me. In Dark Moon Wolfshe introduces us to Julie Hall, a single mother to Carson who, at four months old, reveals himself to be a werewolf. (Yes, mothers of young children, I see you nodding along already.) The second book in the series, Waxing Moon, takes us further into the challenges of parenting a… um… very special child.

Sarah is part of a writing group (which she writes about here) that I host (and, as she shares in her Amazon biography, none of her children are actual werewolves). The fact that her daytime job is in higher ed and that she still writes novels is inspiring. If you are inspired to, I hope you’ll check out the AGT writing challenge.

Above, the covers of Dark Moon Wolf and Waxing Moon. 

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