Talking about Teaching on the South Phoenix Oral History Project

Need some teaching inspiration?

The South Phoenix Oral History Project is a digital oral history of a rich but understudied part of Phoenix–and it began as a student history project at the local community college. If that doesn’t get you excited about the relevance of teaching right now, I don’t know what will!

Dr. Summer Cherland of South Mountain Community College is one of the faculty founders, and we got to talk about online teaching last week in an interview that heartened me as I thought about how we can model and encourage good research even now.

Here’s a blog post related to the podcast, and here’s the whole episode.

If you are an educator feeling a little alone, check out the More and More Every Day podcast with Summer and her co-host and fellow educator (K-12) Cody. It’s wonderful to hear the voices of people committed to their students’ learning and to the profession of teaching right now.

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