Jonesboro’s NAACP Back in Action!

What a joy to spread the news that Jonesboro, Arkansas, has a newly constituted chapter of the NAACP!

The need for a chapter was made tragically clear in 2012, when a young African American man, Chavis Carter, died in police custody. Carter’s death from a gunshot wound to the head was ruled a suicide. As the city processed Carter’s death, the then-chair of sociology, Dr. Anthony Troy Adams (now a dean at Alabama State) began the work of organizing a chapter of the NAACP. The organization did not endure, though the need for such a group remains high, with racist literature littering the town in last May.

Thankfully, new leaders have pushed the issue again.

One of the best parts about teaching college students is that you get to see the future before it happens, and I’m incredibly proud to say that good things are the on the way for Jonesboro. Leshea Robinson, a former student of mine, is sharing her talents with us by serving as the new NAACP chapter’s secretary.  I’m not just bragging (though I am ALSO bragging) when I say that she’s one of the most passionate, compassionate, dedicated students I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Arkansas State University–a “big picture” thinker who sees connections where others might miss them. I’m proud of her for taking on this leadership role and feel better about the future knowing that Leshea and others like her are stepping forward.


Above, the renewed Jonesboro, Arkansas chapter of the NAACP. From left, State of Arkansas NAACP Conference President Dale Charles, who conducting the swearing-in ceremony, then chapter President Rev. Kurbe Newsom, 1st Vice President Robin Kuykendall, 2nd Vice President Rev. Ted T. Taylor, Sr., Secretary Lashea Robinson, Assistant Secretary Christopher Whitfield, Treasurer Rev. Elijah Agnew, and Assistant Treasurer Deborah Rochelle. 


The Jonesboro NAACP meets at the E. Boone Watson Center, 1005 Logan Avenue, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6 pm.



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